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It is estimated that 40%-50% of marriages end in divorce. Many troubled couples can work with marriage counselors and therapists to improve their marriages. However, there are situations where a marriage is so harmful and toxic, divorce is the best option. So how do you know when it’s time to call it quits?

Learn details below about Illinois divorce and common reasons couples choose to get divorced. If you have questions about your divorce, please contact Crystal Lake divorce attorneys Bruning & Associates.

Grounds For Divorce in Illinois

It is essential to consider your reasons for getting an Illinois divorce. Before an Illinois judge grants your divorce, a spouse or both spouses must demonstrate appropriate grounds. The only grounds for divorce in Illinois are irreconcilable differences. This also is referred to as no-fault divorce. State law says that irreconcilable differences mean the marriage has irretrievably broken down.

Spouses in Illinois must live separately for six months, either in different residences or the same residence. Therefore, all attempts to reconcile must have failed, and future efforts to reconcile are not in your family’s best interests.

Why Couples Get Divorced

A recent divorce study delved into why people get divorced:


It is estimated that infidelity is a factor in 60% of divorces. Once a spouse has been dishonest and slept with someone else, it can be almost impossible to mend the marital damage. Trust is critical to any relationship, and divorce may be necessary if you cannot trust your partner.

Intense Arguments

All spouses disagree with each other from time to time. However, intense, regular arguments are a common reason for many divorces. According to the study, arguing is a factor in about 57% of divorces. Heated arguments can damage your self-esteem and emotional health. In the worst situation, arguing can lead to domestic violence.


Many marriages are undone because of reckless behavior, including:

  • Alcohol
  • Drug abuse
  • Excessive spending
  • Gambling

If your spouse’s behavior is causing difficulty in your marriage, it may be time to talk to them about treatment and counseling. If that does not work, divorce may be needed.

Other reasons people get divorced are:

Physical or Verbal Abuse

It is estimated that three out of 10 women and one out of 10 men in the United States have experienced physical violence, rape, or stalking by their partners.

Any time there is physical abuse in a marriage, separation from the violent partner is essential. Likewise, divorce may be necessary if there is verbal abuse, but sometimes intense marital counseling can solve the problem.

Lack of Intimacy

Spouses need the right mix of intimacy, affection, and balance. This can be easy early in the marriage, but things can break down as the years pass. Unfortunately, it’s widespread for lack of intimacy to happen after children enter the picture. Life gets hectic, priorities change, and intimacy can fall by the wayside. If this happens, one or both partners can become highly dissatisfied in the marriage.

Different Expectations

Some divorces happen not because of cheating, alcoholism, or financial problems. Partners may have vastly different expectations of marriage. What is critical to one spouse’s happiness may make the other miserable.

For example, one partner may insist they want to have children. Having children may be critical to their long-term happiness and the idea of marriage. The other party may not like children and want to travel the world instead of raising a family. In an ideal world, both partners would have this vital discussion before marriage, but it does not always happen.

When one partner does not get what they want in a marriage, resentment and possibly divorce may happen. Also, some partners get married young and may simply have unrealistic expectations of the other person.

Legal Separation or Divorce?

Now you understand why people get divorced, but perhaps you are conflicted about permanently splitting. In that case, consider a Crystal Lake legal separation.

Legal Separation

Legal separation in Illinois is an agreement approved by the family court between the partners. You agree to live separately from one another financially and physically. Both partners may decide to separate assets and spousal and child support, but you are still married. You cannot remarry unless the court changes the separation into a formal Illinois divorce. Also, you can still inherit assets from the other spouse.
Frequent reasons people choose legal separation over divorce include:

  • Money: There may be tax advantages, health insurance, or Social Security benefits that you can still enjoy when legally separated. A divorce may make doing so impossible.
  • Religion: Some spouses may be religiously opposed to divorce. In this case, a court-sanctioned separation may be the only option to separate without violating your faith. In addition, some believe that a legal separation can avoid the stigma of divorce.
  • Trial divorce: Some see legal separation as a trial run for divorce. Most aspects of separation are the same as divorce, but it is not final.


An Illinois divorce is final. The marriage is over and legally binding. Under state law, all assets are divided, and the family court decides spousal support, child support, and other issues.

In divorce, you can inhabit the same house. In a legal separation, you can occupy the same house. A divorce is more expensive than a legal separation, which is also a factor to consider. However, it can be a cost-effective option if the divorce is uncontested.

Deciding to legally separate or divorce is an immensely complicated decision. Unfortunately, your attorney cannot make that decision for you. However, if you choose to retain an attorney, they can offer their best legal recommendation for your situation.

Contact a Crystal Lake Divorce Attorney Now

If you are considering divorce, it is a difficult and upsetting period of your life. That is why it is vital to work with a professional, skilled, and aggressive attorney that will safeguard your rights. We are equally experienced in settling complex divorce cases by settlement and negotiation or trial.

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